About Ragdolls

It almost sounds like a legend like a myth how the breed of our Ragdolls is oringinated. Everybody may think about how much truth might be in this story…


If I liked to describe it as a fairy tale I should start now with "once upon a time in a foreign country…." In this foreign country California the white cat, who was similar to an Angora cat, with the name Josefine lived. While being pregnant she had a bad accident which she survided and even was due to a healthy litter. These babies however were different from other babies Josefine had once before. They were from their characters very gentle and they were bigger as usual. These features were noticed by the neighbor of the owner of Josefine, Mrs. Ann Baker, and she asked for two kittens of this litter. Because of the extraordinary character of the kittens Anne Baker took the decision to create a new race – those of the Ragdoll cat, which means – translated it to german – Lumpenpuppe. Anne Baker made a lot of publicity about the existence of this special race and its peculiaraity and created the history of this race. Supposedly the direct following babies of Josefine should be without any feeling of pain and could not move correctly. They should have left hanging limp when anyone took them high, that is why the name of the „Ragdoll“ was created by Anne Baker. In the following she let the name protect copyright and she wanted a commision for every kitten of "her" race. This could rise to the very presumption that she was only looking for her own financial advantage.


At the beginning of the 80th the first Ragdolls came to Great Britain. In the following – in the year 1983 – the first Ragdolls were imported to Germany and they became more and more known because of the activities of the "Interessengemeinschaft Ragdoll".


But were the Ragdolls actual that what Ann Baker published about them? Surely it is here only a fairy tale! Nobody can talk about non-feeling pain; the Ragdoll is a completely "normal" cat, as every other cat race too, who feels pain.


Not being able to move correctly? – In no case! Sometimes it looks very funny when a Ragdoll starts moving and flits through the apartement before ecstasy or plays catch with other Ragdolls. It will never lack of exhilaration when living together with a Ragdoll, that is for sure! For sure the "heavy nature" helps to mean that the movement of a Ragdoll is not very gracile. But there is no doubt at all that this does not prevent the Radgoll from being as playful and crazy as every other cat with a body more gracile too.


What cannot be denied and what I can accentuate from my experience with my Ragdolls is that the Ragdoll is an ordinary gentle cat who is very affectionated and soft. There is no possibility to escape from its running behind; The Ragdolls wants to be there too where its human being is. There is no posibility at all to make the Ragdoll escape out of the bed because it wants to be close to its human being; and this is best at night because people sometimes get to bed in a very comfort way so that the Ragdoll is invited to lie very closly to its human being. Even on day-time the Ragdoll does everything to keep its human from working, if it has managed it that it is unpossible to go on working it says thank you with a big purring. This helps to calm down a lot, it presents quiteness. It loves contact to all things everytime that smell like its human being so perhaps peoole's towel in order to lay down for a moment. As you see it is sometimes better to put a towel quite high…Laughing


The Ragdoll is a very charming and enchanting cat, that makes addicted!