How everything began


jp_1_20100408_1250521194Long time ago at the end of 2003, far far away from home in a foreign country I found these little baby cats – oder were it them who found me? They came so straight towards our table! Well it does not matter at all, they were there and they let me pick them up on my arms and carried them home. From now on they belonged to us. They were called Thommy und Princessa.



The more time I spend with these little cuties the more they crept into my heart. And they shall not leave me allone in the future…

jp_2_20100408_1743610600I myself liked cats, found them so cute but I never thought that I will have some to take care for let allone to breed them…… I think who never had a cat before cannot understand it (I even never have understood it myself). But if only once a cat is there, it will be very to appreciate (too quickly), to be accompanied by such a nice being. Although cats are considered to be idiosyncratic, so they adapt to life in a way, "their people" do. I would almost say that cats – do not matter what race – addicted, because each animal develops its own peculiarities shows them. This I would never want to miss in my life again…


As it was time to say good-bye for going home it was much harder than because I had to let Thommy and Princessa stay over there. It was not the thing they were supplied in the best way but they could not stay with me together. There suddenly was a big whole in which I felt and I missed my babies more and more. In this quite short time I have very quickly become accustomed to their style and presence, so that there was missing a lot!


Back in Germany I did everything to convince everybody to buy a cat here too. At first I only wanted only one cat but suddenly there was the decision to take two so that noone would be alone when I was once out of house or on holiday. I chosed a mongrel cat (misture between house cat and Maine Coon); it should not be a pure Maine Coon because of its size. At the moment I took my decision "my girls" were still too small in order to be able to left their Mum. Therefore I still had to wait until I finally could pick them up to take them to their new home The waiting was a horror especially here was everything ready for these little cuties, I already built a small paradise for my cats; it only waited for its new residents…


And than finally there was the evening when I could take my babies home, earlier that I expected it. These little two cuties moved both in very quickly in our apartment as well in our heart.

As they arrived in their new home they played like fools and were very tired after that so that Ayla und Jeanny – so I called my two babies – felt asleep completely exhausted.












So time passed by but in the end I found my way to my dream by a hazard: The Ragdoll !